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Laini Saba, Kibera, Nairobi

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UNEP, Basco Paints, PLANNING Systems Services

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Ablution Block


The Community Cooker in Laini Saba, Kibera, Africa’s largest urban slum was set up in 2008. The operation of the Community Cooker was managed by Ushirika wa Usafi which was a Community Based Organisation (CBO) and the training was provided by CCF and Umande Trust.


Kibera is home to thousands of people who live in shacks with virtually no access to sanitation or refuse disposal facilities. There is no sustainable waste management in Kibera, piles of rubbish are disposed on the roadsides.


The Laini Saba Community Cooker was cooking 77 liters of Food and heating 800 liters of water over a two-hour period. 2,100 Laini Saba residents were being served daily. Kibera women were able to make a livelihood from selling food made and hot water on the Community Cooker.

The ablution block provided bathing cubicles for Laini Saba residents to take hot bathes.


Since the implementation of the Community Cooker residents with a large cooking facility and hot water. It also provided employment for many people who made food and baked cakes for sale. The income generated from the Community Cooker and the ablution block went back to supporting Ushirika wa Usafi group.

Over time, the Community Cooker, which was built mostly made of mild steel had insulation and durability challenges which were improved on the following prototypes.

However, this Cooker is no longer operational due to lack of management and control at the slum.


Since there is no waste management system in Kibera, rubbish was collected from around a one-kilometre radius and brought to the Community Cooker, where it was sorted before being burned in the Cooker.

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