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Naivasha, Nakuru County

Funded By

Princes Foundation for Building Communities (PFBC)

Construction Completion

May 2017




Naivasha Mixed School is located on the Naivasha-Nakuru highway in an area called Kayole. It has a capacity of about 700 high school boarding students. The privately-owned school offers 8-4-4 curriculum to students aged between 14 and 18years.  Staff and students are provided with three meals and tea or porridge daily.


With the cost of cooking fuel increasing by 6.34% every year there was need for the school to adopt a cheaper alternative to be able to cater for the growing number of students in the school. The school did not have a sustainable waste management system and they would burn rubbish in pits in the fields. The students used cold water for bathing making most of them skip daily bathes especially during cold seasons.


The Community Cooker provided the school with a sustainable waste management solution that could not only cook food but also provide hot water.  The school has become much cleaner while enlightening the students on sustainable waste management. The school now uses the Cooker to cook its meals and provide the student with hot water for bathing every day.


The cost of cooking fuel has reduced. As a result, the school is now able to redirect funds previously set aside for cooking fuel to other uses. The students are now careful to make sure that waste is disposed in the right place i.e. Used the cooker


The rubbish from the school is collected from every classrooms and dormitories and taken to the Cooker site. The school has also organized for a truck to pick up rubbish from a nearby dumpsite and bring to the school. The school also collects rubbish from a nearby dumpsite.

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