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Children’s Garden Home, Kawangware, Nairobi

Funded By

Art of Living, Princes Foundation for Building Communities

Construction Completion

Mark IV 2013, Mark V March 2016


Ablution Block


Situated within the outskirts of Kawangware informal settlement, Children’s Garden Home is a community based non-profit organisation set up to help educate and cater for neglected orphans and street children. It currently cares for 250 children. The home runs a Nursery school, Primary School and Secondary School to educate the children who are served three meals a day.


The costs of fuel is increasing by 6.34% yearly causing a strain to the already tight budget on providing meals to the school. The neighbouring Kawangware area had no sustainable waste management system in place, resulting to careless waste disposal by residents and business in the area.


The Community Cooker now provides a cheaper and efficient alternative to firewood that was previously used. The hot water is used to bate the children at the home. The high school students now practice baking using the ovens in the Community Cooker. The home makes an income from profits generated from a restaurant business they run using the Community Cooker.


The home has reduced its costs on purchasing firewood, previously used for cooking and heating of water. Subsequently, the Children’s Home has mobilised waste management awareness in its community. The Cooker burns approximately 300kg of rubbish every 12 hours providing heat that is used to make food for both the children and the restaurant business.


In addition to rubbish generated from the home, a waste collection company delivers sorted rubbish twice a week and the Cooker operators also collect rubbish from a local supermarket.

Project Details

  • Children’s Garden Home, Kawangware, Nairobi
  • Art of Living, Princes Foundation for Building Communities

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